To All Pinoy Experienced & Newbie Online Sellers Out There!

Discover How To Easily Create a Profitable SOCIAL MEDIA ADS to Grow Your Online Business

(Even if you’re not a techie or don’t have any marketing background)

Dear Reader,

If you’e an experienced online seller that sells stuff or services but having a problem of
getting consistent sales to hit your revenue goals.

Or  if you want to start selling online effectively but have zero experience, you have no product or idea to sell yet & a non-techie…

Then stick to this letter until the end because I got you covered.

It’s time to learn how to use a simple Single Social Media Ad post that would attract customers and buy from you. 

This way, you’d be able to stop these time-eating, exhausting yet ineffective routines like…

Constant reach-out to your friends via private messenger
❌ Posting daily and spamming buy & sell groups
❌ Posting daily on IG, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…
❌ Posting daily on your My day and Story

Spamming your own news feed with your products because 5,000 connections couldn’t cover your sales target.

✅ And start having time for yourself and for your loved ones while you earn.


I’m Rowell Austria.

I’ve been using Social Media Ads on Facebook to generate leads and MILLIONS of sales in my business and my clients since 2017.

I’ve also created several workshops about online selling like NEW NORMAL SELLING

It was launched last May 2020 and now has 300 plus Pinoy entrepreneurs and counting inside enjoying the benefits of the course and continue implementing the methods they have learned for their online business.

A quick back story…

Last January, my brother, who owns a small food stall in a wet & dry market (palengke) asked my help to market his products.

And here’s what happens… (See photos below)


If you want to learn how to have remarkable results in your online selling too, enroll now in my Social Media Ads For Online Sellers Workshop.  Short for SMAOS.

It’s a self-paced recorded workshop where I’ll show you and teach exactly the strategy I use (what’s working now) to my brother’s small store that now gets 10-30 consistent orders a day (6-figures usually a week) on their Page.

With a small budget and little numbers of followers.

And you’ll get to learn and copy that without being overwhelmed, in this Tagalog-English Language, backed by results, and on-point lessons, so you can implement it to your business ASAP.

See some of my action-taker students who are business owners like you and what're their takeaways with my teachings. C:


Great question, below are the coverage

(SMAOS) Social Media Ads For Online Sellers Workshop Module Details

(This is an Online Lifetime access Course)

1. Profit Goal Settings- You can’t scale what you can’t measure. In this module, I’ll help you figure out how to set your gross & net profit goals to make your business scalable.

2. Building blocks of a SOCIAL MEDIA ADS -Discover the bricks in place to create successful ads on Facebook.

Once you know this, it will be easier for you to structure your campaign every time you create and launch.

3. How to make a Winning Product (Problem Solver) Yakult Method. – In this module, you’ll learn the winning product elements and how it is being made.

Best part, you’ll also learn how you can implement it to your business too.

4. See the exact ads I used to grow my brother’s revenue Since January 2021 up to date.
It’s the same ads that generate 6 figures a week where I explain why it works so well.

And yes, you can copy it too easily.

5. Profitable Ads Creation (Hands-on Session) – In this module, I’ll teach you how you
position your product, craft your offer, write your ad copy, & make your ad Image/video
effectively for your very first campaign.

6. Ad Campaign Set up  – Here you’ll simply discover the essential parts of the campaign & the platform of Ads manager.

Don’t worry because I’ll walk you through and explain how to use and put altogether your ad creation to aim for a successful launch.

(Newbies are having a hard time do this by themselves. Good news is you’re not gonna
experience it because I will be your guide.)

7. Management System – Here I’ll show and teach you how to manage your campaigns and
just focus on few important things to figure out if your ads are effective or not.

This way, you’ll avoid burning your budget and you can maximize your ads toward scaling. If you’re scaling up, means your ads are lucrative.


(Plus my 3+ years of experience)

1. TAKE HOME DOWNLOAD: Checklist/Worksheet (No more guesswork: You need this every
time you make your campaign)

2. EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY GROUP – This is essential so you won’t get left behind

3. Audience Targeting Keywords Compilation for Product Categories that sells (P5,000

4. Debrief of my single organic post that generated P200k in 3 days (P20,000 value)

5. How to build your audience later customers using this 4-letter viral post (P5,000 value)

6. How to find a winning product. Perfect if you don’t have any idea what to
sell— (P5,000 value)




Though this workshop is arguably valuable that can teach you to generate up to 7-figures. (You won’t see anything like this even on Youtube or International courses online)

We’re not gonna charge you 50k or 300k pesos like I charge my clients.

Not even P50k rate of my 1 on 1 consultation.


Enter your title

Enter your description
$ 39
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

Enter your title

Enter your description
$ 39
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3



1. These are that you need: Laptop/Desktop, Internet & Social Media Page

2. Once paid, we’ll send you an email with your course access details.



Q1. How can I have access?
A1. You’ll receive an email in 24 hours

Q2. Can I refund?
A2. Yes! If in 1 hour of the session you don’t see the value, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

Q3. What are the payment options?
A3. Online Bank Transfer, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Offline Deposit, Gcash, & Paypal

Q4. Do I need a website?
A4. No, you don’t. All transactions are inside of messenger page. 

Q5. I’m not a techie and I don’t have any idea what to sell and how to sell.
A5. Perfect! Because in this recorded workshop, I covered how you can sell & what product you can sell.

These are not just products but winning products.

Q6. I’m busy. Can I make time for this?
A6. Absolutely! I’m aware that people are tired to get draggy workshops that lead to unfinished business.

And they begin to be demotivated. I know how it feels because I’ve been there.

That’s why I made this workshop super-quick, less than 4 hours, on-point and yet effective because I only focused on what’s working and bringing results.

I avoided beating around the bush & stuff that doesn’t help at all.

Q7. Can I get lifetime access?
A7. Yes! Take advantage of it before we turn this into recurring membership. 

Q8. Is there support?
A8. Yes! We have a couple of supports available.

The first is via email
Second is our Exclusive Facebook group.

Q9. Is this is really worth it?
A9. Listen, this is a lifetime skill that could help you and your business grow. Now the
question is if this could help you consistently generate your lowest but acceptable profit a day (conservative calculations)… Is the price of this workshop too much?

The last time I checked, inaction, delay, & stubbornness is way more expensive.



Check more of my students’ feedback after taking my
workshops/training & more…



OPTION 1: DO IT YOURSELF. That’s perfectly fine. But I assure you, you can’t find the same framework that I’m teaching because this is my personal experience in almost 3 years.

And needless to say, it works.

OPTION 2: Ignore this opportunity because you already in a position that you don’t need this. Either you’re financially secured or you already know all these things. And that’s absolutely fine.

OPTION 3: You’ll stay stuck where you are. You will be a prisoner of your WHAT IFS and FEARS crippling inside. You’ll wait for the next couple of months, or years.

OPTION 4: You’ll join because YOU NEED IT. You understand that unless you change your ways, no growth will occur. In both business and finances.

And in fact, no one knows when this pandemic will end so the NEW NORMAL of earning is not just nice to have. It’s a must. Basically, that’s it.
With every fiber of my being, I’ll share all things that I know. Once you learn to put it in action, I’ll make sure it will be worth it.

See you in my Social Media Ads Workshop!

Talk soon,
Rowell Austria

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Imus Cavite Philippines